Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships 31st Annual Gathering
July 12-15, 2012
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I had the opportunity to attend the 31st Annual LDRS gathering (Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships) in Potter, NY (Finger Lakes region south of Rochester) over the July 12-15 weekend.

The launch field was on a 5000 acre farm in the heart of Amish country. The Amish neighbors love the rockets and help find them when they wonder off the launch field. A really big help to the rocket owners.

There were more than 350 registered rocketeers who took time to attend and fly some really awesome rockets. They came from as far away as Australia and many points of W. Europe and S. America.

I attended with a good friend of mine along with his students from Case Western University. The students are all studying to become aeronuatical engineers and have some really cool experiments they are pushing the limits on.

Rockets flown were of all sizes and types. From the very smallest (1/2A black powder motors) to the very largest (M, N, O, and P level AP motors). They ranged in power from less than an ounce of thrust to over 10,000 lbs. of thrust. Some rockets weighed in at less than 1 oz. and stood maybe 3 inches tall and flew a couple of hundred feet, to the big ones that towered more than 22 ft. and weighed more than 500 lbs and flew to over 20,000 ft.

You will see a video of a 1/10th scale Saturn 1B that stands 31 feet tall and has flown once before (not here though) and will fly again in the desert over labor day weekend. You will see pictures of a 15 rocket drag race where all flew the same metal storm motor. 15 took off, but only 5 made it back in one piece under parachute.

One for my bucket list.

John Metcalf